About Us

Hysteria of Bleeding Hollow has been around since 2008 and has always been a progression minded raiding group. Hysteria was built on a solid foundation of core members on a nine hour a week raid schedule while maintaining a steady progression through content in a friendly and laid back environment.

We enjoy raiding content while it’s fresh and new.  We also like to have fun while we do it but also keep progression of the content as the focus of our time together as a group.  Hysteria is a group of a people that have turned the guild into a fun, friendly and diverse community of players dedicated coming together as a team to kill the latest boss and see the content that others only get to read about.  We recognize each others strengths and help with each others weaknesses.

Many of our members have been around for 5 or more years. We have very little to no turn over rate and that’s because the people that join our guild enjoy the time they spend online in our raid and interacting in whatever we decide to do as a guild.  Be it RBG’s, battlegrounds, achievement runs, transmog runs or farming rep and crafting materials.  There’s always someone up for something within Hysteria!