Mythic Gul’dan and Closing out Nighthold

We did it. We killed Mythic Gul’dan and closed the book on Nighthold. Now we get to just farm and give out mounts. We had a lot of bumps along the way with having to BlueHost优惠码 refill our roster a couple times and even though it looked like it was setting us back we pushed forward.  Thanks to everyone that stuck it out with us!  We did an awesome job!

I’d like to thank Gearz for taking on raid leading at the drop of a hat and doing a spectacular job of it, even though we were all sure he was going to have a stroke or drink a gallon of bleach a couple times. He picked up that role and took off with it like it was nothing.


Mythic Tichondrius

Well we killed this easy guy but once again we’re bad at screen shots so here’s some stick dudes.  Grats everyone!

Mythic Xavius is…

DEAD!  7/7 Mythic guys!  Awesome job!  Let’s keep the momentum going!

Oh we took a screen shot with the REAL boss of Emerald Nightmare.


Mythic Dragons Took A Dirt Nap!

So um.. the bodies despawned by the time we got to a picture but here’s a recreation of a screen shot.


Mythic Il’gynoth Dead!

Eat your heart out guys!



Mythic Ursoc Dead

“It was a bear of a fight” – Qyrix

“Groooooooaaaaaaan” – Rest of the raid 


Archimonde is GONE!!!

We finally did it! After a lot of failed attempts and wipes and tempers and all kinds of shit we finally killed mythic Archimonde! Grats to everyone for sticking it out and getting it done. Nice way to end the tier!


Mythic Mannoroth is Mannogone!

Guys this fight was such a pain in the butt, just be glad it’s dead. Took a lot of pulls, lots of cussing and jumping off the platform but Mannoroth is finally dead! Grats to everyone that stuck it out!


Mythic Xhul’horac Exploded

After many many pulls and wipes Mythic Xhul’horac is finally dead and gone. Pretty sure at least everyone in the raid group wiped us at least once but we pulled together almost at the very end and finally killed this boss. It was such a relief that when it came time to take the screen shot we turned into idiots lost in a round room looking for the corner. To demonstrate what I mean, I give you “The Struggle”

and of course our kill video

Grats on the kill guys! We all did an excellent job. Now on to Mannoroth!

Mythic Tyrant Velhari is Dust!

After a slew of pulls we finally took Tyrant down Hysteria style, with the last pull of the night! Grats to everyone on the kill and thanks for sticking it out and killing this boss the only way we know how!