Hysteria of Bleeding Hollow is now offering sales runs. Below is a list of all the runs we’re currently offering and their prices. If you’re interested in purchasing a run the best way is by contacting one of our officers in game, their Battletags will be listed at the bottom of the price list.

Payment is expected in full soon as you zone into the raid.

  • Mythic Archimonde Mount: With Loot Included – 1.5m
  • Mythic Archimonde: With Loot, But Not Mount Included – 500k
  • Mythic Mannoroth: With Loot Included – 350k
  • Mythic Blackhand Mount: 250k

If you have any questions or are interested in purchasing a run, please feel free to contact any officer in game.  Thank you!

Raè – (Rae#1498)

Trig – (Triggirhape#1653)

Inter – (Gamble#1567)

Qyrix – (witewo1f#1751)


Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What if I’m on another server, do you accept alternative forms of payment? – Yes! Just email and mention you’re interested in a run but on a different server and we’ll set up a way to discuss this with you. We will not discuss this in game.

2. I’m not comfortable giving you that amount of gold before I get my goods, how do I know you won’t ninja it? – You don’t get your McNuggets before you pay for them at McDonalds so you don’t get your kills before you pay for them at Hysteria.  Besides, we’re selling these runs to make us gold and want happy customers so you can tell your friends how great it was and they buy one too!

3. Do you bring in other buyers at the same time as me? What if we want the same piece of loot? – Depending on the run yes there may be other buyers in at the same time.  We don’t do two of the same class though so if that dps plate piece you’ve been drooling over drops you’ll be the only plate dps that can get it.  You won’t have competition.

4. Do I have to do anything during the fights? – If you know the fight mechanics well enough feel free to dps/heal to your hearts content.  Some bosses (Iskar comes to mind) we may want you to tag the boss and die in a fire, depends on what boss and how well you know the fight.  

5. What if I want a run that you don’t have listed? – Feel free to contact us!  We’ll try our best to get your run put together if at all possible.